A Letter To Customers - What Garlock is doing to continue to work despite these challenging times

From Pete Garlock

These are extraordinary times and we are facing challenges we have never faced before as an organization, supplier and country.

First, I would like to say how proud I am of all our employees and everything they are doing to keep the operations running smoothly so that we can continue to provide you with the innovative, high-quality products and great customer service that Garlock Printing & Converting is known for!

During times of change and uncertainty, all of us, including me, can become consumed with concern about the unknown. This is natural and understandable.  However, it is equally important for every one of us to focus on what we know and what we can personally control.

Our company continues to focus on the health and well-being of our colleagues as our priority and we have taken every precaution by implementing the guidelines provided by the CDC, federal and local agencies including:

  • an intensified cleaning processes and have added bleach-based disinfectants to our cleaning regimen, in addition we have increased our frequency in these methods in all areas of our plants including divert personnel to focus solely on cleaning and disinfecting equipment and common areas.
  • implemented remote work for those in positions identified; to better facilitate social distancing. Garlock’s employees in most cases will be deemed essential and excluded due to the nature of our business.
  • Revised our break and lunch schedules to ensure we are providing the necessary social distancing.
  • Created a Leadership Preparations and Response Team which meets daily.
  • Evaluating our business needs to ensure each of our employees maintains work, life, balance. Including additional hiring of temporary employees and ensuring our workflow and scheduling is running effectively and efficiently.

In order to continue to support our employees and communities in which we operate and try to ensure our customers are supported, all of Garlock hourly paid employees who work their regular scheduled hours will receive a bonus equal to $2.50 an hour including overtime hours worked and salary paid employees will receive a $100 bonus per week.

We at Garlock are committed to providing our people with the support that they need as they ensure the continuity of servicing you.


Stay well; Stay Safe.


Pete Garlock

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