Paper Markets

Since 1987, Garlock Printing & Converting has specialized in offering almost limitless branding opportunities. Our long-list of capabilities combined with a wide-range of substrates makes it easy for you to economically enhance your Brand Identity with tissue paper.

Retail Gift Tissue

Our vast selection of tissue colors and customizable printing (both spot and CMYK) takes the customers shopping experience to a new level. Available in random cut and spot sheets, Garlock’s capabilities will cost-effectively take your packaging to a higher level of customer appreciation and satisfaction.

e-Commerce Fulfillment

e-Commerce Tissue

Printed and unprinted tissues in a variety of colors and sizes are available for your consumer needs. Offering an array of choices and upholding market trends, we will work with your business with flexible services to conform to your needs. Make your e-shopping experience a great one for consumers by creating an atmosphere inside the box that resembles an in store experience.

Food Service Wraps & Liners

Garlock offers FDA Approved, Food Safe Compliant inks and waxed tissue that is high performance and grease resistant. Add that special touch through customized printed tissue. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, uses include: basket liners, deli sheets, sandwich wraps, tray liners and bakery tissue.

Consumer Products

Uniquely designed tissues and colors available for private label suppliers to the wholesale marketplace, drug, grocery, craft, mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs. Products are available in a variety of sheet and pack sizes and, sheet counts.

Waxed Floral

Market your product and your brand using our floral tissue that is available in a variety of colors and can be printed and interleaved to your customized needs. Used for bouquets of flowers, soaps, candles and gift baskets.