Recyclable for Frozen Foods

Changing the way we think about packaging starts with innovative ideas, planning and action. We've taken the time to create a certified food-safe and cost-effective recyclable option for flexible packaging in the frozen foods industry.

The Life-Cycle of our Recyclable Package:

Our recyclable film options can be printed, laminated and converted. With our recyclable packaging option, the consumer (your customer) can return the used package to local participating stores. The package is then brought to a processing center where the films are broken down into reusable plastics that can be manufactured back into film for a fully sustainable and renewable single use package.

Benefits of using our Sustainable Packaging:

  • Better for the environment by reducing wastes
  • Promotes repeat sales
  • Cost comparable to conventional lamination materials
  • Designed to run on horizontal and vertical form, fill, and seal baggers
  • Natural matte finish